If you want to try Scanner out on one of your own videos as quickly as possible, install Docker (if you have a GPU and you’re running on Linux, you can also install nvidia-docker which provides GPU support inside Docker containers). Then run:

pip3 install --upgrade docker-compose
wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/scanner-research/scanner/master/docker/docker-compose.yml
docker-compose pull cpu
docker-compose run --service-ports cpu /bin/bash

This will install docker-compose (a utility for managing docker containers), pull down the docker compose file for Scanner, and then attempt to start a container with Scanner installed. NOTE: The first time you run this code, it may require downloading a ~5GB Docker container for Scanner. Now you can run any of the example applications on your video:

cd /opt/scanner/examples/apps/walkthroughs
wget https://storage.googleapis.com/scanner-data/public/sample-clip.mp4
python3 grayscale_conversion.py

For more information about installation options, check out Installation.

To learn more about how Scanner works, check out the walkthroughs Walkthroughs.