Source code for scannerpy.protobuf_generator

import os.path
import imp
import sys

from scannerpy.common import *

import scanner.stdlib.stdlib_pb2 as stdlib_types
import scanner.metadata_pb2 as metadata_types
import scanner.source_args_pb2 as source_types
import scanner.sink_args_pb2 as sink_types
import scanner.sampler_args_pb2 as sampler_types
import scanner.engine.rpc_pb2 as rpc_types
import scanner.engine.rpc_pb2_grpc as grpc_types
import scanner.types_pb2 as misc_types
from google.protobuf.descriptor import FieldDescriptor

[docs]class ProtobufGenerator: def __init__(self, cfg): self._mods = [] for mod in [ misc_types, rpc_types, grpc_types, metadata_types, source_types, sink_types, sampler_types, stdlib_types ]: self.add_module(mod)
[docs] def add_module(self, path): if isinstance(path, str): if not os.path.isfile(path): raise ScannerException('Protobuf path does not exist: {}' .format(path)) imp.acquire_lock() mod = imp.load_source('_ignore', path) imp.release_lock() else: mod = path self._mods.append(mod)
def __getattr__(self, name): for mod in self._mods: if hasattr(mod, name): return getattr(mod, name) raise ScannerException('No protobuf with name {}'.format(name))
[docs]def python_to_proto(protos, proto_name, obj): args_proto = getattr(protos, proto_name) def analyze_proto(p): fields = {} for f in p.fields: child_fields = None if f.type == FieldDescriptor.TYPE_MESSAGE: child_fields = analyze_proto(f.message_type) fields[] = { 'type': f.type, 'message': getattr(protos, if f.message_type is not None else None, 'repeated': f.label == FieldDescriptor.LABEL_REPEATED, 'fields': child_fields, } return fields p = analyze_proto(args_proto.DESCRIPTOR) def create_obj(proto, p, obj): if isinstance(obj, proto): return obj elif not isinstance(obj, dict): raise ScannerException('Attempted to bind a non-dict type to a ' 'protobuf') proto_obj = proto() for k, v in obj.items(): if k not in p: raise ScannerException( 'Protobuf {} does not have field {:s}'.format( proto_name, k)) desc = p[k] # If a message field def make_field(val): if desc['type'] == FieldDescriptor.TYPE_MESSAGE: # If a message field, we need to recursively invoke # serialization return create_obj(desc['message'], desc['fields'], val) else: return val if p[k]['repeated']: # If a repeated field, we need to set using slicing data = [] for vi in v: data.append(make_field(vi)) getattr(proto_obj, k)[:] = data elif p[k]['message'] is not None: # If a message field, have to CopyFrom, can't use direct assignment getattr(proto_obj, k).CopyFrom(make_field(v)) else: # Just set the regular field setattr(proto_obj, k, make_field(v)) return proto_obj return create_obj(args_proto, p, obj).SerializeToString()